The Way of Heroes


In which our heroes rise to a challenge.

Beset by Evil!

Our heroes were traveling in the wagon of Traevus the merchant along the old Trade Road to the town of Fallcrest when the wagon was attacked by a large band of goblins apparently lead by a human wearing a red cloak and riding a great black horse. Responding quickly the adventurers fought off the raiders, but not before they managed to steal a valuable chest belonging to Traevus. The merchant begged them for help in recovering his possession, promising a reward, but asking that the chest not be opened before its return.

Resistance is met!

As the heroes tracked the raiders back to their lair they were again attacked, this time by two goblin cutthroats and they wolf companions. During the fight Laashi and Tatiana bravely advanced on the foe, nearly succumbing to their wounds in the process. Nathaniel Hornblower and Sophie Fresh were able to aid them with magic until they finally overcame their enemy.

After a short rest the adventurers made their way to a cave apparently used by the goblins and their mysterious master. They made camp a short distance away to recover from their journey and battles before entering Evil’s lair.



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