The Way of Heroes

The Twisting Halls, Part I

After breaking their fast outside their enemies’ lair our heroes had to choose one of two entrances to the cave. After a brief debate they opted to begin on the left.


The adventurers forced open a door to find themselves in a surprisingly cool hall, lit by orange candle light and hung with lush red velvet curtains. A small group of kobolds clutches spears and glared at them, but did not attack.

Gord Stormbringer spoke to the kobolds in the common tongue, asking where the goblins they sought could be found. The kobold replied in the same language, telling the heroes to see his master down the hall.

In a frigid room at the end of the hall our heroes encountered Farallax, a white dragon. Though a mmere fledgling he was the size of a bear and demanded to know why the dared intrude in his lair. Nathaniel Hornblower lead an attempted negotiation with the dragon, and while it failed they learned that the red-cloaked man was called Malareth and that he paid Farallax a tribute to use part of the complex for his “experiments.”

As diplomacy failed our heroes found themselves in a tight hall with an angry frost dragon ahead and a swarm of armed kobolds at their rear. Gangus bravely ran a gauntlet of kobold spears in order to engage with Farallax, keeping the dragon distracted while the rest of the party, lead by Tatiana attacked the kobolds.

During the melee as Gangus struck blow after blow against the dragon, Gord Stormbringer used his divine powers to assist the party in their struggle while striking blows as he was able. Sophie Fresh and Nathaniel Hornblower used their magic to weaken and distract the dragon and kobolds until they were all defeated.

After the fight Gord Stormbringer captured one of the kobolds as he tried to escape. The party explored their surroundings further and discovered that it was once a temple built by minotaurs and dedicated to Bahamut, Moradin, Erathis, and Pelor – four gods of good and civilization. In the room used by Farallax as his lair they found a magic circle engraved in the floor, a tool to aid spells of teleportation. The mages used their arcane knowledge to gain a vision of a dark hall somewhere to the west, filled with glittering treasures.


After a short rest the heroes went through the other door out of Farallax’s lair to enter a grand hall filled with dust and decay. Upon entering the were attacked by one and then several goblin archers, aided by two dire rats. Using their cunning, magic, and martial abilities the adventurers made short work of these new foes. Highlights of the struggle included Tatiana’s close brush with a concealed pit trap, Nathaniel’s spectacular firestorm which engulfed the goblin archers, and finally Tatiana’s bold rush through the flames to cut off the dire rats before they could endanger her comrades.

After the battle our heroes barricaded themselves for a night’s rest in an inner room with a towering statue of a minotaur warrior.

In which our heroes rise to a challenge.

Beset by Evil!

Our heroes were traveling in the wagon of Traevus the merchant along the old Trade Road to the town of Fallcrest when the wagon was attacked by a large band of goblins apparently lead by a human wearing a red cloak and riding a great black horse. Responding quickly the adventurers fought off the raiders, but not before they managed to steal a valuable chest belonging to Traevus. The merchant begged them for help in recovering his possession, promising a reward, but asking that the chest not be opened before its return.

Resistance is met!

As the heroes tracked the raiders back to their lair they were again attacked, this time by two goblin cutthroats and they wolf companions. During the fight Laashi and Tatiana bravely advanced on the foe, nearly succumbing to their wounds in the process. Nathaniel Hornblower and Sophie Fresh were able to aid them with magic until they finally overcame their enemy.

After a short rest the adventurers made their way to a cave apparently used by the goblins and their mysterious master. They made camp a short distance away to recover from their journey and battles before entering Evil’s lair.


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